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Deasy Is Loving Life At Ambitious Ringmahon

by February 2, 2017

Ringmahon Rangers welcome Newtown Rangers this weekend in the FAI Intermediate Cup and big games are now becoming a feature at Ringmahon Park.

The Deasy family have a long connection with the club and Paul has followed in the footsteps of his father, John and brother, Jonathan and maintained the long-standing affair with the club.

“Yes I have been involved with Ringmahon all my life, playing schoolboys from Under 6/7s, right up to Under 16 when I left for Cork City and now I’m back playing with the seniors for the past five seasons.

“When I was growing up my father, John Deasy, had a very successful spell with the senior team as manager and my brother Jonathan was playing, so I was always around the place and it was great.

“There is no comparison really to how the club is now to back then in every sense.

“From the amount of teams in the schoolboys and senior sections, the facilities, there was only one fairly terrible pitch before and now the club has one of the best set-ups in Cork football with two fantastic pitches, there’s top class dressing rooms, gym and astro turf and even the professionalism in the club, everything is trying to be done in the right way.

“The club is really bearing fruit with all the hard work done by the people in club now over the past decade with many players going across channel.

“Adam O’Reilly, Alan Browne, Eric Grimes and Caoimhin Kelleher are all doing well, and even on the home front many of the schoolboy and girls teams are very successful and both the senior and junior sides have tasted success over the last number of years and this wouldn’t be possible without the structures that are in place at the moment, that is a testament to the club,” said Paul.

Ringmahon are quickly establishing themselves as a major force in senior football and Paul speaks candidly about how that has happened over the last number of years

 “I suppose there are a lot of different factors that have contributed to the success of the senior team over the past number of years.

“I guess it started five years ago when Kieran O’Reilly took over, he really changed the whole senior set-up and put his mark on everything right away.

“He brought in a lot of quality players and mixed it with a lot of the very good players who were already there and also some of the younger players coming through so it was like a brand new team to what had been there previously.

“Coming from the League of Ireland, he put a professional stamp on it straight away from the way we trained and played to looking after ourselves, everything.

“The first season was a bit of a bedding-in season which went okay but the second season we really kicked on.

“We won the First Division, Pop Keller Cup and made it to the semi-final of the Intermediate Cup and semi-finals of two other cups aswell, it was a great group of players.

“We kept that going the third year and won the Beamish Cup which was fantastic but Kieran had to step down after that but it was a brilliant three years where he changed the whole mindset of the club.

“The transformation from Kieran was pretty smooth and when Aidan Foley took over it was a smooth transition as he had been part of the management team all the way through under Kieran so he knew all the players and the way we played etc.

“To be fair, he has really kept things going in the right way, he has put a fantastic squad together littered with quality, the training, preparation and professionalism in general is great and as players you really cant ask for much more.

“Again, the first year was a bit of a bedding-in period with new players coming in but after a good start, there were a lot of injuries to some key players which hampered our season.

“This year, we had a meeting at the beginning of the season and set out our stall.

“We said we’d have a go at everything and see how it goes as we believe we have the squad and management in place to challenge on all fronts this season and over the coming seasons and be up there competing consistently and I believe we are not too far off that,” commented Deasy.

Newtown Rangers provide the opposition in the FAI Cup this weekend Paul and despite a few indifferent results in recent weeks there is a lot of confidence that they can progress.

“Yes, every year the League and the Intermediate Cup are the big ones, I guess.

“After reaching the semi-final three years ago, its been something we’ve wanted to do and go one step further every year since but it is a very difficult competition, both domestically and nationwide, everyone wants to do well in it.

“I don’t know too much about Newtown Rangers but that definitely doesn’t mean we will be taking them for granted as we know we were in a similar place to them three years ago where many teams didn’t know too much about us and we caused a few upsets.

“League statuses don’t really matter when it comes down to these games, it comes down to the day but I think if we are on it and do everything we can, then we have the capabilities of beating most teams.

“But they will be coming down with nothing to lose which can be a dangerous thing so we will be certainly ready for it,” concluded Paul Deasy who is enjoying a very good season on a personal note.

Paul Deasy was in conversation with Paul Hogan of Cork Sports News ahead of Saturday’s big game.

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